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Welcome to SABIC Snij-Unie

SABIC Snij-Unie is a renowned processor and distributor with products available from stock and over almost 50 years of experience. We primarily focus on plastic films, self-adhesive materials, laminators and related equipment and requirements. So the assortment is not restricted to products SABIC produces itself, such as LEXAN™ polycarbonate.


Films and self-adhesive materials

As a SABIC branch, SABIC Snij-Unie sells the materials from the mother company. This includes LEXAN™ polycarbonate film, ULTEM™ polyetherimide film and VALOX™ FR film. Besides this, we also distribute first-rate films and industrial tapes of leading manufacturers from across the world.

Among other things, this line of products consists of:

  • Polyester films (including DuPont Teijin Film/Melinex™/Mylar™)
  • Industrial tapes (including 3M, Avery Dennison)
  • High Performance films (including DuPont Kapton™ and fluorocarbon films).
  • PVDC Films (Kureha)



SABIC Snij-Unie is also the distributor of Neschen for the Benelux. We provide laminators and materials from this manufacturer. These laminators are considered to be the best machines of their field.

Furthermore, we also provide:

  • Drytac laminators, coaters and materials
  • Neolt laminators and cutting equipment
  • Keencut cutting equipment
  • Overlaminate film and mounting film


SABIC Snij-Unie owes its success to many years of expertise in the field of supplying and processing films and the sale of machines for the finish of graphical and photographical products.

Customer-friendliness and flexibility take center stage here.


Quick and knowledgeable

SABIC Snij-Unie is stock-keeping distributor of over 10,000 items. Many products can be delivered within 24 hours.

Our well-trained staff contribute to the high-tech applications of many industrial sectors with speed, service and quality.

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