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For many years now, SABIC’s Snij-Unie business has been the authorised distributor of DuPont Teijin Films (DTF), one of the most prominent producers of polyester film. These products are especially known by their brand names Mylar™ and Melinex™ which are collectives for a wide assortment of films with a specific field of application. Polyester (PET) film is characterised by high quality mechanical, thermal and electrical features. Here you should consider characteristics such as pulling, stretching and tearing strength, shrinkage, dielectric strength, temperature resistance, chemical resistance and electrical isolation.

Polyester films are available in a range between 12µ and 500µ thick and if required can be supplied in sheet sizes of choice or on rolls up to approximately 1600 mm in width, sometimes even wider.

For specific applications we have the possibility to laminate a protective film onto the polyester film to prevent scratches occurring. Moreover, we can make laminates with polyester in combination with self-adhesive products.

Our extensive range of PET films is completed with polyester films from other manufacturers like Hostaphan™ from Mitsubishi and Lumiror™ from Toray.

Besides this, SABIC’s Snij-Unie business also provides PEN film from DTF. This is a high-range derivative from polyester film. Virtually all the characteristics of standard polyester film have been improved in the PEN version. These products are provided under the brand name Teonex™.

Fields of application of PET and PEN film are, among other things:

  • Graphical: the film is printed for promotional / advertising purposes or high demanding applications such as membrane-switch panels. Frequently used printing techniques are digital, silk-screen, flexo printing;
  • Laminate covering film for protection;
  • plastic ID cards, entry-authorisation cards, membership cards and such;
  • Labels and signaling;
  • Electrical / electronical isolation;
  • Wrappings, including for food;
  • Industrial applications with a wide range of very different applications.


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