Your material is in good hands with us

The SABIC Snij-Unie production company processes a wide variety of flexible materials in a customized and customer specific manner under contract. This may be by cutting back to smaller-sized rolls or sheets, making shorter rolls or making laminates with other materials. In many cases, the basic material for this is supplied by the customer. The high-tech equipment we work with, the opportunity for processing in a cleanroom and our specialized staff ensure the confirmation and realization of narrow tolerances.

The production company of SABIC Snij-Unie is the most prominent specialist in cutting a wide variety of materials such as:

  • High quality synthetic oil products
  • Single-coated, double-coated and foam tapes
  • Paper
  • Nonwovens
  • Magnetic film
  • Metal film
  • Laminates

We have an extensive range of machines available for our customers.

The specialized techniques include:

  • Roll to roll cutting
  • Precision cutting
  • Roll to format cutting
  • Format cutting
  • Winding coils
  • Punching
  • Precision punching
  • Laminating
  • Making self-adhesive
  • Rewinding

The production company from SABIC Snij-Unie executes projects for international customers in industry branches for packaging, food stuffs, automobiles, medicine, electronics, micro-electronics, graphical design and synthetic material production.

Dust-free processing

SABIC Snij-Unie has a cleanroom class 8 certification

ISO certification

The production company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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