BMA applicator

Available for everyone as of today

Many companies around the world have already discovered this and are using the BMA in their lean manufacturing concept. The BMA creates its own capital and earns back its cost by executing tasks within a third of the time required to do them manually.


More than just saving time

This is not only the time you save with the BMA, which will make it your most profitable production tool. The BMA is used for all types of self-adhesive film applications, such as banners, advertising signs, traffic signs and markings, glass applications, full color images, applications, all this on substrates up to 7 centimeters thick.

The possibilities are virtually endless.


Improved results

The BMA reduces the quantity of waste and produces perfectly flat surfaces, without air bubbles, wrinkles and creases.


Improved ergonomics for the user

Optional on the BMA is an electro-hydraulic height adjuster with memory features. This way, every user may set his own working height by pressing a button.

Flexible and modular: The BMA is available in various models with different sizes. After purchase, the standard version can be extended to any desired length on location.


Why choose for the BMA:

  • Made in Holland
  • Modular structure enables extension at all times
  • Guaranteed lifespan on bridge conduction of 7,000 km
  • Storage possibilities on bridge
  • Robust construction
  • Modern design
  • Unique height adjustment for ergonomic working height. (optional)
  • Very easy maintenance
  • Possibility for customer-specific adaptations
  • Use of environmentally friendly materials
  • Low maintenance costs


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