Keencut cutting machines

Javelin / Evolution / Steeltrak

Please find below cutting machines from the Keencut-program.



The Steeltrak (wall cutter)
Width 165 cm
Width 210 cm

Free standing kit for Steeltrak
V- GROVE blade to cut a V-Groove in dibond or forex



EVOLUTION almost similar to the Javelin, only the “lift & hold” and a base (a kind of table top) are included here.
EVO 160 1600 mm
EVO 210 2100 mm
EVO 260 2600 mm
EVO 310 3100 mm
EVO 360 3600 mm



Javelin 100 (table model) 1100 mm
Javelin 150 (table model) 1600 mm
Javelin 200 (table model) 2100 mm
Javelin 250 (table model) 2600 mm
Javelin 300 (table model) 3100 mm


Keencut cutting machine datasheets:

E2 Datasheet 2015

JA2 Datasheet

JIT Datasheet

STK Inc ST250 Datasheet


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