The very wide range of 3M in the field of single-coated and double-coated tapes provides a solution for each type of assembly in the production process.


For many years now, SABIC's Snij-Unie business has been the authorised distributor of DuPont Teijin Films (DTF), one of the most prominent producers of polyester film.


SABIC Snij-Unie provides products which guarantee a perfect finish to your prints. We are distributor, among others, for Neschen, Poli-Tape, Drytac and Neolt.


Film used in applications where extreme properties of the material are very important. You may think of extreme temperature resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical properties, etc.


LEXAN™ film is available with various textures and in different measures of thickness, with flame retardant chemicals and if required, coated for further improved characteristics.


SABIC Innovative Plastics Snij-Unie is distributor of Kureha Corporation for pvdc film, polyvinylidene chloride.


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