LEXAN™ film

LEXAN™ film is available with various textures and in different measures of thickness, with flame retardant chemicals and if required, coated for further improved characteristics.

LEXAN™ film is often used in printed applications where film has decorative or identification purposes. Examples are labels on a range of equipment and household appliances, but also gauges on automobile dashboards are printed on LEXAN™.

A new and successful product is LEXAN™ with anti-condensation coating, which ensures that the doors of freezer units in supermarkets do not steam up when the customer opens them.

Well-known product references are LEXAN™ 8010, LEXAN™ 8A35, LEXAN™ 8B35, LEXAN™ FR700, LEXAN™ FR60, LEXAN™ HP92S, and others.


High Performance polycarbonate

These products are used in applications where there are more extreme demands on the characteristics of the film to be used. We may think here of mechanical characteristics, like scratch-resisting characteristics, chemical resistance, UV resistance and/or temperature resistance.

The LEXAN™ polycarbonate films assortment includes the LEXAN™ HP products. These films have a scratch-resistant coating, which can also give the film better chemical and UV resistance. These products can be provided in various gloss levels and multiple measures of thickness.


ULTEM™ polyetherimide film.

SABIC Innovative Plastics is the producer of ULTEM™ polyetherimide.

This plastic has a higher temperature resistance than polycarbonate and complies with UL demands regarding fire-resistance. The film has a gold/yellow colour and is available in thickness measures from 25µ.

The film is processed in electrical isolation applications and in places where temperatures of about 200° and/or fires-resistant characteristics play a part.


VALOX™ pbt film

SABIC Innovative Plastics is the producer of VALOX™, a thermoplastic polyester. Owing to the UL94 VTM-0 classification, from a thickness of 125µ VALOX™ is pre-eminently suited for a variety of electrical isolation applications. The film has a white colour and can be supplied in thicknesses of 75µ to 750µ


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