PVDC foil

Exceptional qualities

SABIC Innovative Plastics Snij-Unie is distributor of Kureha Corporation for pvdc film, polyvinylidene chloride. This material is a thin monolayer film with exceptional barrier characteristics for both moisture and oxygen. It makes this product highly suitable for packing food. On an industrial level, in particular for semi-automatic packing of products such as cheese, meat and marzipan and other products of which shelf life rapidly decreases as a result of emitting and/or taking in oxygen.

On a consumer level, pvdc film is an appealing product also, as household/wrapping film and for catering purposes. An additional advantage is that the film has an ideal odor barrier, so unpleasant scents of cheese or fish will not be noticed in the fridge.

PVDC film is also used to achieve perfect shutting of the turning cap of bottles with a content that is sensitive to oxygen like wine, perfume and pharmaceutical fluids.


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