Top of the line from Neschen and Drytac put together

As a distributor for Neschen and Drytac, SABIC Snij-Unie provides a wide range of laminates, directly out of stock in most cases.



GUDY is the prominent brand of double adhesive products from Neschen and has been used by professionals for decades for mounting and fixing photos, prints and other photographic material, available in both permanent as well as removable types, transparent, semi-transparent or white, thick or thin, high or low initial adhesive strength. We have virtually everything in our assortment, even for highly specific applications.



Filmolux is a smooth protective film from the Neschen range. Filmolux photo gloss/matte/satin “New generation” is covered with a modified, water-based adhesive, creating improved attachment of the adhesive and greater resistance against water. The increased resistance against water enables application with a little bit of water. Moreover, the new adhesive provides a brilliant result, without the sharpness being impaired.



70 micron soft PVC, smooth, with a high UV protection, perfectly suited for use outdoors. Solvoclear has very strong and water-resistant adhesive powers suited for many media printed with UV ink.



MediaTac™ consists of a smooth coating of Drytac acrylic adhesive on both sides of a 0.5 mil polyester film carrier. Pre-coated boards can be stacked safely owing to the new anti-slip liner. Suitable for stickers and high-volume mounting applications. Also ideal for mounting prints on porous substrates such as foam boards, cards and hardboard.



Version of MediaTac™, only with a stronger adhesive, which allows for easier application to difficult substrates such as Corex and aluminium.



A visually clear PET film with a permanent adhesive on one side and a removable adhesive layer on the other. This double-sided mounting strip is designed for easy mounting of large images on glass with the aid of a squeegee and free from air-bubbles. This product has a variety of applications, ranging from POP-displays, promotional graphics, back-lit display cabinets, shop fronts, which must be removable on short term.


Interlam Ecotex

A (140μ) pressure-sensitive laminate with a pebble textured satin finish. The scuff-resistant, pebble textured finish of Interlam Ecotex UV makes this laminating film suitable for graphics where extensive handling may be involved. Interlam Ecotex is particularly suitable for laminating and encapsulating trade show and banner stand graphics, signage displayed in high traffic areas, counter mats, place mats and other graphics where a scuff-resistant finish is required and cost is a key factor. Due to its dimensional stability, Ecotex is also ideal for one-sided laminations.


Protac Scribe

Protac Scribe is a 40micron pressure-sensitive gloss film with a specially treated surface making it appropriate for dry-erase applications.

Protac Scribe cold laminating film is ideally suited for application to heat-sensitive output and high ink coverage output printed on photo gloss paper. The most common applications for this film include reusable presentation boards, schedules, vacation planners and maps.


Bio Gloss

This 50micron thick laminate consists of a certified biodegradable bio plastic laminate film (DIN EN 13432: 2000-12) with a water-based adhesive. The film has an attractive gloss finish. Recommended for use with recyclable or compostable printable media and mount boards. Also available in a matte version.


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